Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I know this place has been a little quiet as of late.

I've been wondering lately about frequency, and the pressing need to always say something witty and charming and intelligent; wondering if I posted a little less, would I be able to think more deeply and broadly, process a few things at a more soul-ful place. Wondering, if I blogged a little less, would I actually write with greater impact.

That, and I've been spending a lot of free time charting out some orchestral parts for Easter. I know, it's still three months away. But I figure if I can do one part per song every couple nights, that's going to take a couple months. So better to work at it now, and not panic later.

And it will be glorious,. Easter at Lakebay with brass, cello, woodwind. It might just be a "Happy Day," since we know that "My Redeemer Lives" and he is "Mighty to Save." Once all is said and done, we should be able to rejoice over "What the Lord Has Done in Me,' knowing that "I Will Rise' because of his accomplished work.

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