Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Movie Recommendation

If you haven't yet, you should watch The Singing Revolution. For us, it was one of those netflix recommendations that you keep putting off until you finally decide to take a risk. . .and as it turns out, netflix new best.

The Singing Revolution is a documentary telling the story of Estonia, from the German invasion of the late 1930s up through the end of Soviet occupation in the early 1990s. It's a piece of history about which I admit I was clueless, and therefore the movie is worthwhile in that it rounds out our understanding of this little-known part of the world.

But more importantly, The Singing Revolution tells the story of a revolution, the overthrow of the Soviet-backed government and the end of its tyranny - but a revolution like no other. Because it was a bloodless revolution. It was a revolution based on ideas and the risk of the spoken word, but mostly a revolution fomented and carried out in the songs of the people. That a choir would gather, sing songs of national identity, and bring down the reign of their communist oppressors is an amazing feat. And it's no fairy tale; it happened. And this move tells us that story, through historical archives, and interviews with the very people at the heart of this revolution.

It's an inspiring move, an uplifting move, and a hopeful movie, proving that victory doesn't always go to the one with the biggest guns; that sometimes, a song can truly inspire the way to freedom.

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