Saturday, February 06, 2010

To all our east coast friends

I was feeling a little invigorated this morning - maybe it was the beautiful sunrise over top a cloudless blue sky. So I went out and chopped some firewood, working up a sweat in the warm, spring-like weather. A few clouds rolled in, but still the sun shone brightly, revealing a small clump of crocuses poking their heads through. The kids joined some friends at the local play park where they ran around for hours in the warm weather. Everywhere we went, people were out and about, walking along the shoreline or greeting friends down in our little town.

I know it's early February, but it sure feels like spring. Did I mention all the finches that were playing in the driveway? They think it's spring, too.

So sorry about that whole snowstorm thing. Rest assured that we'll be thinking about you when we're tossing a football around, outside, during the game tomorrow.

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