Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another long one

One more step in saying goodbye to Abbie: this Friday at 11 we're laying her to rest with her mother in Puyallup. Hard to believe it was only 8 months ago we were there to say goodbye to Katy. So there's some funeral prep to take care of.

This coming weekend is also our Alpha weekend away, at Soundview Camp in Longbranch. I'm looking forward to it; it looks like a great group of people going. But it also requires some prep work.

And honestly, the resounding thunder that is Easter is pounding in my ears. Lots to do before that all rolls around.

So today, and most of this week, will be spent hunkered down trying to get all that prep work done. So far, the soundtrack has been the Verdi Requiem, the Mozart Requiem, and a Canadian songstress thrown in between. And we're on track, I think. But here I go, back to work. . .

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