Monday, March 29, 2010

Know anybody who can raise the dead?

I might be in need of a resurrection sometime this week. It's not even Easter, and I'm exhausted. Can't. get. moving. today.

A lot of that has to do with yesterday. A typical Sunday morning of preaching and leading worship and conversing with all sorts of people. Followed by a splendid Artists Reception for Lakebay's Stations of the Cross installation. Add in a birthday party and a late-afternoon rehearsal for Easter morning, and it's a long day. And my voice is shot.

Of course, back that up to Friday and Saturday and our trip to Portland for Jake and Shontee's wedding (which was a lot of fun; and it's always good to see C.V., Bruce and Katy, Scottie, and 'the other' Jake). Throw in the head cold I've been fighting for two weeks now, and that becomes a recipe for exhaustion.

But a couple things keep me going:
1) Easter is almost here, and we can crash afterward
2) We're going on vacation in a few more weeks
3) All this stuff is really a lot of fun, and very exciting. The wedding was great, the Stations of the Cross is more than I expected, the music for Easter is going to be exciting, and worship yesterday was wonderful; I even felt pretty good about the sermon. So I've no right to complain. Well, maybe I'm not happy about the head cold part. Other than that, life is good, and great things are happening. Maybe instead of a resurrection, I just need a bit more coffee to make it through.

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