Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sure, go ahead and take it

Last Sunday a group of us went out to the property owned by our church, property on which we hope to build someday. We've had a little bit of trouble with people dumping trash up there over the years - vacant land, on the highway, hidden by trees - it's a natural spot for ne'er-do-wells hoping to avoid transfer station fees.

Note to would-be-dumpers: Next time, try not to leave so many personal letters and envelopes. They sort of give you away (hint hint)

This time we discovered something different. About five cedar trees stripped of most of their branches. One was at least a 30-foot tree, with branches stripped at least 25 feet up. Apparently around the holidays there's a market for cedar boughs, for swag and wreaths and such. And apparently somebody decided to destroy our trees and steal our branches to make said swag and Christmas wreaths.

It's a little disgusting, looking up at these trees so marred and desecrated, and knowing somebody could care less that they belonged to somebody else. I only hope that the end result helped make Christmas festive for a family somewhere.

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