Monday, April 26, 2010

Heading south

It's been nice here in Stockholm. Good friends, good food, lots of sights to see. I even got a little sunburned yesterday while we wandered around the zoo. Where we saw a moose. And some reindeer. And some bears. And an 800-year-old barn.

We've enjoyed our visit, enjoyed the people and the city. Swedes, like Icelanders, have proven to be friendly and welcoming to Americans traveling their land. They've been helpful and accepting, interested in our journey and our life in America. No angry, anti-American sentiment here. Truthfully, I'm impressed how far some have gone to help us find our way around. So thanks to Sweden for welcoming these wandering Americans.

It's now 8:30 Swedish time, and in about 6 hours we're heading to the airport to catch a quick flight to London, which will be home until Saturday. We've had lots of good advice about places to visit and things to see, so I'm sure it will be a full week. And since we watch lots of British TV, I'm hoping we'll see some familiar sights. Maybe Dr. Who wandering around?

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