Thursday, April 29, 2010


from a French restaurant on the Thames. It occurs to me we've done a lot of walking since leaving home 2 weeks ago. A lot of Subway riding, too, but more walking in these 2 weeks than all year so far, I would guess.

Yesterday we took the tube to town, climbed up to see Big Ben towering over us. Walked a mile to find some fine fish & chips. Walked down to the river to cross the Millennium Bridge and then up to St. Paul's for tea and biscuits in the crypt and the choral evensong. Back down to the London Eye (we rode it) and then back to the tube to be home by 9:00.

Today we took the tube to town and walked a long way to the Imperial War Museum, then the tube back to London Bridge, now some nice lunch, then up to the Tower. And maybe that famous toy store over by Piccadilly Circus.

Tomorrow the plan is to get to Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guard, and then off to find 165 Eaton Place (anybody know why that's important?).

Oh, and this. We met a personal friend of Willy Wonka. The kids even got some genuine Wonka bars. They're plastic, but genuine.

Here's my lunch. . .

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