Friday, April 02, 2010

I love creative people, part 2

Sometime last December or January I floated the idea of Lakebay hosting a Seder Dinner come holy week. Last night that idea found its fruition in a powerful time of remembrance, dining, fellowship, holiness, reflection, and fun. I won't stake any claims on this being a completely authentic Seder, although we (being gentiles and all) did the best we could, following resources we'd found across the internet, and adding in memories of past Seders I'd attended and led.

In the end, 5 dozen plus entered into the Passover story, recalled Israel's ransom from Israel, celebrated Messiah coming in Jesus, and enjoyed a fine meal that included game hens, matzo ball soup, hummus and pita bread, a variety of vegetables, and even some lovely olives and pickles. Not to mention all the traditional pieces - the matza, the bitter herns, the charoset, and the rest.

Most of this rested in the hands of our fellowship committee, and our two chefs, Larry and Betty. I threw out a couple ideas but they did all the work. And when you consider what it takes to feed over 60 people - all the planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, decorating, serving, and cleaning up - they put in a lot of time and energy. So for the record I want to say how grateful I am to have these wonderful people in our church community. Nothing was done half-way here; it truly was a marvelous event, and hopefully the beginning of a new tradition out here on the Key Peninsula.

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