Thursday, April 01, 2010

I love Creative People

Lakebay's Stations of the Cross opened as a smashing success this last Sunday. Artists from our church and community have taken the individual stations and put their own creative spin on them; these are displayed inside the church sanctuary for viewing, reflection, and contemplation throughout holy week.

A few months ago this was all a vague dream in my mind; I took it to Lakebay's resident artist Roshni Robert, and she ran with it, finding the artists and putting together the overall vision. And the artists she found put a lot of time and passion into their pieces; as a generally non-creative person, I am truly impressed by the quality of work they created. We are blessed as a community to have these people and their God-given talent in our midst.

The pieces themselves range from watercolor to photography, from a real crown of thorns to bread nailed into the wall with carpenter's nails. I have been moved as I have wandered through the exhibit any number of times this week. And I have to say it was thrilling to see so many join us for our artists' reception on Sunday afternoon (although perhaps it was the cheese plate that drew them in?).

If you haven't yet come by to see the Stations, I encourage you to do so. Even more so, I simply want to thank God for people with creative, artistic gifts, who do so well at bringing this ancient story to light in our world.

p.s. If you haven't yet seen the most recent Simpsons episode, you've missed one of their all time great lines:

Flanders: Homer, that's not why we're here. We can see the stations of the cross!
Homer: After we see the stations of the omelette bar.

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