Monday, April 26, 2010

Last day in Stockholm

Enjoyed a sweet worship and potluck time with the people of Tomaskyrkan last night. Karina blessed them with some fine homemade Mexican food, which was quite a feat, considering how difficult it is to get all the proper ingredients up here.

Tomorrow we fly south to London. Derek mentioned this morning that our volcanic friend up in Iceland is still messing things up; the airport in Reykjavik is now closed. If we had to fly home today, we'd go through Glasgow instead of Iceland. It's a good reminder that this trip is still in flux. At the moment, everything appears on schedule, but by next Saturday, the day we're set to fly home, it could all change again. I admit, vacations are nice, and apparently Lakebay has survived two Sundays without me. . .

I'm just not sure we can handle too much longer with two kids in a hotel room.

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Lori said...

We're doing well. But you are missed. Have a safe trip tomorrow and when you come home.