Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweden, lovely Sweden

It was a headache, but we got the last 4 seats on the first flight from Iceland into Stockholm yesterday. I was almost sad to leave Reykjavik behind, seeing as we'd made some friends and were enjoying the adventure of it all. But finally we were in the air heading East. We saw the volcano from the air but flew far enough north that it didn't affect us at all. And then. . .we landed in Stockholm. All aboard burst into applause.

Derek met us at the airport, gave us a nice tour as we drove to his place, and now, having experience the first good night's sleep since Wednesday night, we're all happy to be in Sweden.

It looks like Germany is out of the picture for us, but we're hoping to still get to England sometime next week. For now, we're simply enjoying the moment here in Stockholm.

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