Thursday, May 20, 2010

So, in the last day

The door of our bathroom closet fell off, with the help of a certain small child.

The alternator on the Jeep decided to stop working while I was driving home, in the rain, from Gig Harbor. When your alternator stops working, your windshield wipers tend to stop, as well. Did I mention I was driving home, in the rain?

The wind brought down a tree in our yard. Only it didn't come down. It's hanging up in another tree, making it much more difficult to take out safely.

At least I got to share a rich lunch with a wonderful group of fellow pastors. . .and a car ride to Aberdeen and back as well.

And the alternator breaking led to some time spent with Doug while fixing it. And the tree led to some time spent with Mike, who came to offer his professional opinion on the matter. And the bathroom door meant some time with Chuck, who's always a joy to have around. So all was not lost. Except for most of my plans for the past two days.

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