Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stuff worth sharing (sort of)

Bruce and Katy's trip to southern Mexico.

How about a church that reads through the entire Bible together, not once but four times?

One of the songs we have on tap for the Saturday night show. Except we're doing it without the organ.
In the "nothing is ever at it seems" department, a recent episode of the Fox show Fringe took place in Noyo County, Washington. But Noyo is a river and region in Northern California, not Washington. Then again, the whole thing is filmed in Canada, so who cares, eh? It's a little like the outside scenes they shoot for The Office, where you can occasionally see palm trees in the background (since it's filmed in L.A., and not Scranton, PA).

Anyway, one day in Iceland we found ourselves conversing with a group of Icelandic teens in one of the lovely geothermal pools in Reykjavik. Another American was taking part of the conversation; it came around to entertainment options in Iceland. They mentioned that they were fans of "Dr. House." Our American friend, who lives near Princeton, mentioned that almost every day he drives by the hospital used as the front for House. The Icelandic teens were more than a little excited by that factoid. Until our American friend said "but it's not really a hospital" and I said "and it's all filmed on a sound stage in Los Angeles, 3000 miles away." They seemed a little disappointed.
Speaking of which, it's amazing how much San Francisco looks like Vancouver, Canada, in that other new Fox show "Human Target."

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