Friday, June 18, 2010

Eye 2 Eye

All the stitches are now out my eye. They weren't planning on taking them all out so soon, but we were having a hard time fitting a contact lens with the stitches still in, so out they came today. Need I say my eyeball currently feels like somebody dumped a bottle of hot sauce in it?

Here's my new definition of willpower: sitting in a chair for 25 minutes while a doctor pokes around in your eye with a tiny scalpel and pair of tweezers, slicing and pulling and prodding. It's a little surreal if you let yourself think about it. So I tried to think about something else. Anything else, really.

Now we go six weeks to let it settle, and then I head back to Seattle for a contact fitting. Which means I'm once again back at that place where I'm essentially blind in my left eye for six weeks. As I've said before, if you catch me winking at you, it's not (necessarily) because I think you're cute. Just that I can't see you.

All that being said, it was a lovely day for a ferry ride to and from Seattle, a stroll around downtown, a quiet moment of prayer in St. James, and fish-n-chips at Ivar's. Other than the excruciating pain and perpetual feeling that I had a thorn stuck in my eye, it wasn't too bad.


Ann said...

Oh, Dan. Ouch, ouch, ouch! We're shivering in sympathy. We'll be praying for you, and for you to experience quick relief from or, at least, subsiding of your pain!

Lori said...

Oh Poor Dan. Thinking about what you went through today is like hearing fingernails on a chalk board. Prayers for you are going up as we speak. Hang in there!

Andy Larsen said... was a good day to walk around Seattle but the conditions don't sound too fun. Guess we shouldn't do anything too risky on our hike. So, did you go to Golden Gardens?