Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Um, ouch (part 2)

Warning kids: do not try this. At home or anywhere else.

Thursday night, the first night of our weekend camping trip. First campfire, first s'mores. The 9-year-old is excited to roast her marshmallow. Gets it flaming hot, almost dripping off the marshmallow roaster stick. Makes a quick turn to retrieve her chocolate and cracker. At the same moment I lean in to stir the fire a bit.

Molten flaming gooey sugary mass connects with my right cheek. Now I understand how napalm works. It sticks to you, burning through your skin even as you desperately try to get it off, pull it off your eyelashes, keep it from going into your eye.

Yeah. That hurt. 2nd-degree burns all-around. And all the kids staring at me, wondering why I'm shouting and flailing and generally making a scene.

Here's a picture 5 days later. The blisters have popped, thankfully. Interestingly,we had purchased freshly-made Whole Foods mallows, which are square-shaped. Which is why, if you look closely, the scar is in roughly a right-angle.

The way I figure it, at least this all made for a memorable camping trip.

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lori said...

It really bites that you got burned on your cheek like that Dan. It must have hurt like H-E-double tooth picks. But look at the bright side...That hot flaming stick of marshmallow could have poked you right in your bad eye, or even your good eye and then you would have no good eyes. I am so thankful your eyes are safe from the hot flames and sticky goo.