Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Um, ouch

Took an early morning drive to Seattle yesterday to see the eye doctor. It's been 6 weeks since the stitches came out; the cornea should have settled to the point where we could (finally!) work out a prescription for a new contact lens.

But nope. Too much astigmatism left over. A "tightening" or "bunching" of the graft to one side. And you know how they release some of that tension, removing the astigmatism?

By carving into the cornea with a scalpal.

After the stitches came out, I mentioned that a great test of self-control is sitting still while a man pokes around in your eye with a small pair of scissors and tweezers. Nope. I had no idea. This was much, much worse. They put a little topical anesthetic on the cornea. Then they slice a crescent-shape slit into the cornea. And you're watching the whole thing, because it's being done to the front of your freakin' eye!

And then. . .they throw an eye patch on and say "come back in 5-6 weeks."

And then the drive home, with one eye on fire (and pouring tears) and the other eye much more sensitive to light. I had to stop and buy some sunglasses, and everybody stared at the 'weird guy with the eye patch.' Took the Bremerton ferry and lay under my sweatshirt the whole trip over. I gutted out the drive home, took a handful of aspirin, and slept the rest of the day away, dozing off and on through the Mariners' "We're idiots and we fired our coach" press conference. Tried to watch Clash of the Titans with Karina last evening, but suffered the whole way through. Each blink brought agony.

Today seems better, but that might be the Tylenol doing its thing.

I had this surgery 2 years ago October. And it was all supposed to be worked out within 6-9 months. I wasn't seeing well before, but the idea was to suffer a few months in order to see much better on the other side. Instead, two years later, we're still cutting and poking and prodding and experimenting. Yes, it's all a little frustrating at this point. Not to mention painful.

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Lori said...

Cringe!!! Dan you poor thing. I don't know how you stood it. You are a right fine chap to sit through that.