Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Eye am becoming annoyed

For those of you tired of reading the ongoing saga of my eyeball, feel free to ignore this post and move on to something more interesting. 

I went to the eye doc today for a followup to last month's torturous procedure, wherein said eye doc carved up my cornea with a scalpel in an attempt to relax some pressure leftover from the corneal transplant. That pressure left the cornea with too much astigmatism, making it impossible to fit a contact lens with any success. The procedure was supposed to flatten out the lens; today was the day to finally fit the eye with a lens, and, after almost two years, return me to the club of "people who can see out of two eyes."


Doc looks through machine and says "I need to do it again, and see if it works better this time."

Me: "Um, what? Do what again?"

Doc: "Relax the cornea, just like we did last time."

Me: "Is it going to be just like last time? The same amount of work, same amount of pain?"

Doc: "Yes. Why? Did it hurt much last time?"

So, to make a long story short, I talked him out of cutting me up today, since I had lunch plans with a friend I haven't seen in 18 years. But I now have an appointment to go in in mid-October, at which time they'll cut up the cornea again. Then wait another 6 weeks to see if that even works.

Ominously, the doctor said these things usually get their best results the first time; there's a much smaller chance the 2nd time is successful. And if the 2nd time isn't successful, he said, "we go back into the operating room." Not another transplant or anything that drastic; they simply 'reopen the wound and suture it back up again.' Oh. That's reassuring.

For now. . .it will be Thanksgiving at the earliest before I finally get a contact that works (over 2 years since the original operation); but if this 2nd procedure doesn't work, it could easily roll over into 2011 before I finally see well out of that eye.


Lori said...

Sorry for your misfortune Dan. We will wear our knees out praying.
God bless.

mimiess said...

Lori said it all!