Monday, October 18, 2010

We have seen the enemy, and the enemy is. . .California

From the State of Washington Voter's Pamphlet:

Initiative 1053: . . .but at least we are doing better than other states. The two-thirds majority is a disaster in California, creating gridlock and making it impossible to balance their budget. . .California is a mess because of the two-thirds requirement. . .The two-thirds requirement is causing havoc in California.
Initiative 1100: Under this scheme hard liquor outlets will explode from 315 to 3,300, three times more per person than California.

Initiative 1105: I-1105 allows hard liquor stores to explode from 315 to more than 3,300; three times more per person than California.

I remember a number of times during the years I lived in Oregon where this tactic was used. Pick the issue; the only argument against needed to be "Well that's how they do it in California" and the conversation stopped. Somehow California became the official bogeyman against which all northwest ideas are measured. And the mantra becomes "whatever they do, we need to do the opposite."

I'm not making any political recommendations on the above initiatives, so don't read anything into this. I just hope we don't go down that road of measuring our ideas not by their own merit, but instead by "at least we're not like California."

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the line/the fragment said...

Walt Kelly created this quote for his character Pogo.
But it goes like this...
"I have seen the enemy and he is us."
no pointing the finger...maybe Washington caused washingtons problems... remember your'e roots dan!