Sunday, January 23, 2011

Communal Response to a sermon on Matthew 4:12-23

The world is too tempting, and our desires for comfort and fame too powerful.
We turn from God and choose glory, we hoard our wealth and doubt God’s provision.
In fear we use others to our end;
in pride we insult and gossip and bicker.
Instead of building God’s Kingdom, all too often we are builders of our own little kingdoms, protecting the walls of our hearts and lives while ignoring the lost and lonely outside.

And so we repent, admitting our failures, our pride and doubt and fear.
With David we cry out “Have mercy on me, O God, and cleanse me from my sin.”
With the disciples, we hear the call of Christ to “follow me,” and we stand, turn, and follow.
We repent of our pride and pray for humble hearts;
we repent of our greed and pray for generous hearts;
we repent of our anger and pray for loving hearts;
we repent of our comfort, and pray for hearts willing to give it all away for the sake of Christ.
We repent, turn, and follow, knowing the new life God offers is better than the life we now live.

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