Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, that was sad

Saturday I took the family out to run some errands and get some dinner. One of our stops was at the Gig Harbor Borders, one of the 200 Borders set to close in the next month. I did get some great deals on a few books; it seemed a lot of other people were doing the same as the store was pretty crowded. But shelves were emptying and being stacked to the side, the Seattle's Best Coffee shop upstairs was already cleaned out and closed up. It all felt so forlorn.

I'm not a big fan of box stores, and try to shop the local, mom & pop place whenever possible. But there really isn't any place like Borders in Gig Harbor - place to check out some music, peruse a wide range of books, pick up some Christmas presents for the kids, and sit down with a cup of coffee for some quiet reading. So I'm sorry to see this one shut down. We have a wonderful used book store down in the harbor; I've bought a number of books from him. I hope the loss of Borders sends some business his way. But I felt a little sad walking out of Borders on Saturday, knowing we were losing an important asset and piece of our culture.

And I have the suspicion I'll be even sadder when a generic clothing store opens up in that space, selling stuff I'll never want to buy.

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