Sunday, March 13, 2011


- We halted the normal flow of worship this morning, broke into small groups, and spent time praying for Japan. It was a beautiful thing to see, an entire body gathering into circles, young and old and men and women and children lifting up those who are suffering. I am grateful for a church that knows how to pray.

- Proof that the tsunami hit Washington (according to Doug). I think it makes sense. . .

- I'm heading to Colorado tomorrow, spending 4 days in Estes Park at a planning meeting for Feast 2011. Looking forward to hanging out with some friends, and (hopefully) seeing some blue sky. It's been a long time since WA saw the sun.

- The dr. thinks I have pseudo-gout. And the eye doctor decided I needed a couple weeks lens-free before attempting another fit. So I'm limping on one foot and blind in one eye.

- 5 years ago today was my first day as pastor at Lakebay Community Church. And they've finally stopped throwing me parties. I suppose that means they think I'm finally just one of them. That's good.

- We started watching Downton Abbey on netflix. Good stuff. Sort of like Upstairs Downstairs, but in the country. Speaking of Upstairs Downstairs, they're bringing it back.

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