Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It's been a week (and then some)

Sitting in the Oakland airport, waiting for our plane to Seattle. We flew down last Wednesday, and have been in California ever since.

During that time, we:
- enjoyed breakfast at Some Crust Bakery in beautiful downtown Claremont
- had dinner at the Bass Pro Shop out in Rancho Cucamonga (the setting was fun, the food not so much).
- drove up the coast to stunning Cambria. Sunshine, the California ocean, Santa Barbara and wine country and SLO and Morro Bay. . .it was all good for the soul.
- had breakfast with Dax and Anna, rich with talk about old times and all that God is doing in our lives today.
- performed a windy wedding on a bluff overlooking the Pacific, sharing a blessed day with Jason and Michelle as they became husband and wife
- reconnected with Erin at the reception (and met her new sweetie Phil (not Phil. R. Up., in case anybody's wondering))
- had brunch at the Madonna Inn in SLO.
- Drove past Azusa Pacific University, my alma mater.
- Spent a day at Disneyland with the kids. The girls had as much fun as possible, and I found myself thinking 'this is what it's supposed to be like, watching the fireworks from Main Street with your daughter on your shoulders.' I also got sunburned. And we got to spend the day with this kid, since he's the cousin of a friend of ours. He kept our kids entertained, which helped in those hour-long lines waiting for Autopia.
- Bugged Erin at Starbucks, where she didn't make us cry.
- Cooked up a carne asade feast for dinner with the family.
- Had breakfast (once more) at Some Crust.

And now we're heading home after a full week. It was a good week; we got lots of sunshine and some beach time, we shared some marvelous days with some quality people, we enjoyed the beach and the desert, we played and we rested, we had time with family and time with some old friends. And now, as we sit at the airport, Clara's wearing her pink Minnie Mouse ears and we're enjoying the last bit of sunshine before heading north again.

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