Thursday, April 07, 2011


- -Last Thursday, we woke up in sunny Southern  California. By mid-day, it was approaching 96 degrees. Did I mention it was sunny? Then on Sunday we strolled the beach in San Simeon under a clear blue sky, with temperatures in the mid-70s. Did I mention the sunshine? Tuesday I took a walk with Clara along the rim of a large reservoir in Upland under a brilliant blue sky, the sun shining down on us, temperatures hovering in the mid-80s. Yes, I got a little sunburned, but most of that came Monday as we wandered around Disneyland under - of course - clear blue skies and warm sunshine.

Arrived in Seattle yesterday. Got in the car and headed up toward my parents' house in Shoreline. Somewhere along that way, as we headed up Aurora north of Woodland Park, it started to rain. Hard. Only it was cold rain, mixed with snow. And the sky was black. Driving south toward Tacoma we passed through a blinding, dark rainstorm. By the time we hit Gig Harbor there was quite a bit of snow mixed in there. And the bank at Key Center was brightly proclaiming a temperature of 36 degrees.

- - While waiting in line at Space Mountain I noticed the man behind us was wearing a T-shirt with the name "Megan Whitmarsh" on it. So we struck up a conversation. Turns out Megan Whitmarsh is his sister, an artist in Los Angeles. I don't know that I've ever met another Whitmarsh that I wasn't related to, and there we were, next to Whitmarshes in the line for Space Mountain. Unfortunately, just as we started talking he received a phone call, and then we got pushed through the entrance and we never saw him again.

- - -I'm listening to the new Alison Krauss And Union Station album, which is streaming live at NPR until it releases on April 12.

- - -I missed the first few days of baseball season whilst on our journey, but I'm happy to see the Mariners picked up right where they left off. We did drive by the new Rainiers Stadium last night, and it looks like they've done nice work. I'll have to schedule a game in sometime soon.

- - -It was kind of a rough flight from Oakland to Seattle yesterday. When I looked in the cockpit, I saw why. Pilots are looking younger and younger these days.

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