Saturday, June 18, 2011

Speaking of gospel: an album review

I've been listening to Patty Griffin's Downtown Church for the last week.

She gets it. From the rocking gospel blues of Move Up or Wade in the Water, to the wistful We Shall be Reunited, this album is a marvelous collection of spirituals performed by an amazing group of musicians.

It's not all gospel, though. Broken relationships make an appearance in the angry I Smell a Rat. And high church shows up in the finale, All Creatures of our God and King. The pain of broken families and hope of restoration pours forth on Waiting For My Child. But mostly it's the old gospel of Never Grow Old and Death's Got a Warrant.

It's the kind of music you want to put on on a Sunday afternoon while sipping your iced tea on the back porch; it's the kind of music that makes you want to dance just a bit. It's church music for the big wide world.
And it's marvelous.

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