Friday, July 22, 2011

Stuff of Note

Do you know Caspar Babypants? You should. Chris Ballew, singer and guitarist for that other band known as The President of the United States of America, heads off in a different direction and starts recording/performing children's music. Talk about a 180-degree turn.

But it works. It's got so much going for it. It's children's music that I, as an adult, still enjoy. Almost as much as my 6-year old loves it. It's the opposite of that Disneyfied, overproduced gunk that sells so much. No slick vocals, no overdubbed, auto-tuned harmonies, to attempts at sounding cool. Just fun, intelligent music. Lots of ukeleles, hooters, saws, and guitars. It's also the opposite of the Barney genre, where everything seems dumbed down and goofy. This is smart music. It catches you off guard. It actually surprises from time to time.

It's mostly original stuff, but there are covers along the way (3 Blind Mice, Frere Jacques). There are lots of songs about bugs and creepy things. And enough catchy little hooks to keep you (and your kids) singing along.

This is currently Clara's favorite:


Just got my copy of the 2nd edition of Mark Baker and Joel Green's Recovering the Scandal of the Cross. Mark was one of my profs in seminary, and this book was important in helping me understand the dynamics of the ongoing conversation on the Atonement. It ought to be popular among us Covenanters, because it fits well with P.P. Waldenstrom's challenge to the same thing so many years ago. Look for a review sometime soon.


I just read where they've closed the Camp 6 Logging Museum at Pt. Defiance Park. One more victim of a bad economy and changing entertainment choices. As a kid I loved going over there and riding the train through the woods. A couple years ago I took our two daughters over and we rode it again, albeit with the diesel engine this time around. But apparently they don't have enough money to keep it running, and fewer and fewer people are coming out to visit. (Insert snarky comment about how people would rather play video games than get out and experience history.) They're looking for a buyer, if anybody's interested in a 1:1 scale model railroad.

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