Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is summer?

Went to a wedding yesterday. The post-wedding celebration was marked by an impressive thunder shower, with rainfall levels just a little below Noahic proportions, I do believe. Although the sun peeked out for a bit, most of the afternoon was cold and rainy.

Drove home from Seattle this morning, through rainshowers the whole way. Karina turned the furnace on when we got home, the house was so cold.

Played with the Down Home Band at the Longbranch Croquet tourney this afternoon. We had to play under a portable tent cover, since it was drizzling the whole time. And these aren't your Miami-esque, soft and warm afternoon showers that give way to beautiful sunny evenings. These are more like March rain showers. Cold and miserable.

I'm thinking it's time to sacrifice a goat to the weather gods. We must have done something to tick them off. Anybody want to join me?

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Lori said...

If you had asked me a day or two ago, I would have said "sign me up Dan." But then I saw the headlines that said dangerous heatwave all over the country. Now I don't like rain and cold in July, I really don't, but a, I'll bear up with a little rain and cold. It's much easier to eat and sleep and function when the temperature is decent. I would like it to be warmer for sure, but if we could just have fairly consistent sunshine, I would be happy. Blessings