Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is Offensive

This was pointed out on a worship leader facebook group of which I'm a part. It's a brand-new album release. And it defines the word "hubris."

Some label out there has just released a CD entitled "Let's All Worship." It's the subtitle that is evil: "The Very Best Worship Songs of All Time."

Think about that for a second. The Very Best. Of all time.

Hmm. I doubt it. Especially when the 'old ones' include 'Shine, Jesus, Shine.' Let alone that 'Shine Jesus Shine' should never end up on any album with the title 'best' in it. That's as historic as they get.

Somehow I think Bach might have something to say about this. Or, say, Handel? Mozart? Tallis? Rutter? Or someone more 'modern,' like John Wesley or Fannie Crosby? How do they not rate on the list of "The Very Best Worship Songs of All Time" ? How is Messiah not on here? Or Vivaldi's Gloria? I enjoy Paul Baloche as much as the next person, but is he really one of the 25 best worship music composers OF ALL TIME? I highly doubt it.

Oh, and this. As a selling point, they mention their international flavor, with music from Australia to the UK to Ireland to the U.S. Yep. Truly international. Although. . .pretty white, too. Funny how nothing by any Mexican composer made it here. How do we know "The Heart of Worship" is definitively better than a song being sung in an underground Chinese church right now? Or something being sung under a tree in Africa? Or in the jungles of New Guinea? Being a Covenanter, I should point out no Swedish songs made the list either.

Seriously. This is offensive. (the fact that if you follow that link, the album shows up under a banner ad for a new Casting Crowns CD is offensive, too, but that's a different story for a different day).

Who sits in a room and comes up with this stuff? They ought to be smited.

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