Friday, December 02, 2011


- Prairie Bible College, the place I spent my first two years out of high school, is in a world of hurt. Although, like with many stories, the truth may not be as clear as some people think.

- Our friend Lori recently published an article about the building of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. She included a nice shot of Clara.

- I've gotten more positive feedback about my Christmas article in the KP News than for any other piece I've published there. In case anybody missed it, I'll post it here in a couple days. (I just noticed the KP News has a new website up and running. It's a big improvement over the old one. And it has a picture of me at the farm tour. I'm the one with the trumpet case, walking away from the pigs.)

- Fresno Pacific Seminary (my alma mater) and College have put out a devotional booklet for Advent. It looks nice. You can download a copy here.

- Thanks for asking. Thanksgiving week was good but busy. A 2-day train journey to L.A., a family thanksgiving celebration, a 40th-anniversary party for Karina's parents, an overnight trip to Las Vegas (sans kids!). . .lots of great memories. It all just swept by too quickly.

- Covenant Church in India burns down under suspicious circumstances.

- Missed in the busy-ness of the last couple months: Sumner Presbyterian chooses to leave the PCUSA and join the Covenant Church. (the article's mostly about Chapel Hill, but it throws in that little tidbit about Sumner). If it goes through, they would instantly be one of the largest churches in the North Pacific Conference. I have friends in the middle of all of this on both sides, and grieve for the pain it causes. But am also inspired by their good efforts at civility and love in the midst of great disagreement.

- This Sunday's sermon: What exactly does it mean to "Prepare the way of the Lord?"

- We're also throwing in two less-familiar favorites this Sunday. "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent" will be our communion song, and "Come, Messiah, Come," written by Cheryl Boydston, gets in there as well.

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