Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gone Fishin'

I'm not sure the point of all this, but there's something in here.

11 months ago I was a little stressed out. Okay, a lot stressed out. And I needed a stress relief in life. So on somewhat of a whimsy, I posted a facebook update that said, "I think I need to take up fishing again."

Karen instantly replied and said "I've got a lot of old fishing gear sitting unused in the garage - I'll bring it by." And two days later, it was sitting in my garage.

After another month or so, I found a couple free days and headed up to Moneycreek Campground on the Skykomish River, where I sat and fished and read and journaled and prayed and fished and watched some trains and fished. It became an important moment in turning the corner last summer, figuring some things out and doing some necessary business with God.

And I found out Wes was getting into fishing too. So not much later I spent a lovely day on the Olympic Peninsula with Wes and his father-in-law, Bob, trying to track down some King Salmon. Didn't catch any, but it was nice.

But Mike knew I needed more. So late that summer he said the magic words: "want to learn how to fly fish?" And right then and there he gave me my first fly-fishing lesson.

Which led me to Blake and the Gig Harbor fly shop, and a basic fly-fishing setup. And a day on the lake at Cascades Camp catching small-mouth bass. And a couple days last fall fly-fishing for steelhead in Eastern Washington.

And a sunny day on the Stillaguamish last November. And a few days on the shore at Penrose Point over the winter. And a rainy day down at the Lakebay marina last month. And a sunny day out at Lake of the Woods last Sunday, where I began to teach the girls to fish.

And this coming week. I'm flying with some guys to Southeast Alaska for a little retreat time. With plenty of fly-fishing for steelhead. Yum.

I guess I'm just surprised how much change can come into a life because of one simple little facebook update. And the help of a few friends along the way.

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