Thursday, July 26, 2012

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I've recently had the pleasure of becoming reacquainted with an old friend - Liz was in the first youth group I ever youth pastored. Her dad was our associate pastor, so in a way was my boss. Then they left for Amarillo and I eventually left for Oregon and, since Facebook didn't exist yet, we lost touch. But a couple months ago we did reconnect on Facebook. Turns out she's all grown up now, married, with kids. And it also turns out she's a wonderful writer, a deep thinker, and a prolific blogger. You should go check out her blog. She says some good things. Tell her I said 'hi.'


Our good friend Tweed Meyer is a wonderful artist. She has an amazing ability to catch the energy and vibrancy of life around her; her paintings are a celebration of light and color. Yet upon inspection, what appears to be random splotches of color resolve into incredible detail - to look into her paintings is a voyage of discovery as all the little pieces slowly reveal a full picture of the captured moment. I have one of her paintings on my office wall, and we have a dozen or more adorning the walls of our home (most on loan). She finally has an online presence, so let me encourage you to go check her site out. Enjoy what's there, or, better yet, support local art and buy something.


I've begun watching Stargate Universe over on Netflix. It's good sci-fi fun with intrigue and romance and not a lot of aliens, although it's a little hard to see MacGyver (aka Col O'Neill) getting old and dumpy. The best part, though, has been discovering Flogging Molly, whose "The Worst Day Since Yesterday" was used as an intro and outtro on one episode. How did I not know about them?


Jesus said it plainly. “I gave you an example that you should do as I did to you.” He was looking for action, not a sermon outline.


"I’ve often marveled at how visceral these discussions can get. Older Christians can imply that if you add one praise song to the bulletin, you might as well just harvest their remaining healthy organs and send them out in the woods to die alone. Younger Christians can give you the impression that when Jesus ascended, he ordained the drum set as the primary vehicle of the Holy Spirit."

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Liz said...

Aw, thanks for the kind words! It has been cool getting to catch up on Facebook. I can't believe that time in Upland was two decades ago. Time flies!