Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dan's trip to Atlanta: a photo essay

About a month ago I went to Atlanta for 5 days. Here's what it looked like:

It was a beautiful flight out. This is Glacier Peak, from the plane:

This was Wenatchee, also from the plane:

 When we got to Atlanta, it was raining:

My first morning there, I went to the Jimmy Carter Center. Here are some of the things to be seen there:

Jimmy's camera:

Jimmy's office:

Jimmy's fishing boots:

 Jimmy's Nobel Prize:

The next few days I was at a conference which was really good, but since I was studying, I didn't get any pictures. Just before I left the conference center, however, I took this picture of the Chattahoochee River:

Before I left, I spent a day visiting the city of Atlanta and playing tourist. Here's a train I saw. I think this is near one of the spots used in the Walking Dead, since it looked kind of familiar.:

Here are some buildings around Atlanta:

And the Olympic Park:
Hit by shrapnel from the Olympic bombing:

My long-lost cousin:
On Friday, before I flew out, I visited the Atlanta Civil War and History Museum. They had a nice display on the '96 Olympics, including this piece of sheet music, signed by John Williams:

And in the Civil War exhibit, they had this battle banjo:

There were some lovely walking areas around the museum:

But then it started to rain, and it was time to fly home:

We flew over Ellensburgh on the way home:

Then they made us turn our phones off, so that's the end.

Next up: Dan's epic journey to Montana!

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