Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Music 2

Lux Aurumque is rightfully growing in popularity, so you may already know it. It is a modern song that sounds ancient, rich in polyphony yet so sweet and simple. It's a Christmas song, but it seems to pop up any number of places, including the Peninsula High School graduation a few years ago. I have about 3 different recordings in my own collection, including the Elora Festival Singers and the St. Olaf Choir.

Like with the last, you need to stop and really listen to this one. Dim the lights, light a candle, sit with your warm cup of tea, and let the sound wash over you, even while contemplating the mystery of the incarnation. Hear the angelic choir song of Christmas once again.

Warm and heavy as pure gold
and the angels sing softly
to the newborn baby. 

If you want to see something cool, then watch this. Whitacre put together a virtual choir of the same song.

And then there's the band version, which gives it a much different feel. if you're interested.

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