Wednesday, June 03, 2015

There once was a blog

Last month Rebecca said "If you're going to keep listing the blog in our church newsletter, you should update it sometime." Which makes perfect sense.

It has been quiet in the Hole in the Wall for a while. Life took a hard left turn, I got busy with the Bluegrass Minstrels, and I've been doing a lot of internal work that didn't leave much time for writing. Plus, a lot of it was stuff of the personal variety, that didn't need to be displayed out in the world.

And, like so many others, I started putting all my pictures and links and personal updates over in the Facebooks, leaving this space looking kind of forlorn and neglected.

Some of the personal stuff has reached a resolution, although the Minstrels still keep me pretty busy, and parenting two busy kids keeps me running. And the Facebooks keep calling out to be attended to. What I really want to do is go fishing.

So, in the meantime, here's a link to my most recent article in the Key Peninsula News (please forgive the unfortunate edit near the start). It's gotten some positive feedback, so hopefully you'll enjoy it, too.

Writing By Faith