Friday, September 06, 2013

Wild Montana Skies - a photo essay

The last major piece of my sabbatical this summer was a trip to Bozeman, MT., where I spent a long weekend with Mike and Nora Miller.

There was a big engine right outside my window.

We flew over Wenatchee, although it was a little hazy.

The first full day there, Mike, his nephew, and I did about a 10-mile float down the Yellowstone River. Unfortunately, the fish weren't very active. For the record, though, I was the only one to actually pull a fish into the boat. Just don't ask me how big it was or I'll have to lie.

The second day Mike took me to a lake about 15 miles from their house. We rode quads up there, fished awhile (we both caught some decent trout), sat out a thunderstorm, then road back.

Dinner that night was spent on their deck. It's a gorgeous place to enjoy a fine meal.

The third day, Mike, Nora, and I took a 9-mile hike to Emerald Lake, where we enjoyed some fine fishing right up until being caught in a massive thunderstorm.

Later that night Mike took me to an underground bar in downtown Bozeman, where they have live bluegrass every Monday night. It was the perfect end to a long day.

Flying home, I had a brief stop in Portland, where they have a nice display of hand-crafted musical instruments.

And then, back in Seattle, and that was the end of my summer travels.