Monday, March 29, 2010

Know anybody who can raise the dead?

I might be in need of a resurrection sometime this week. It's not even Easter, and I'm exhausted. Can't. get. moving. today.

A lot of that has to do with yesterday. A typical Sunday morning of preaching and leading worship and conversing with all sorts of people. Followed by a splendid Artists Reception for Lakebay's Stations of the Cross installation. Add in a birthday party and a late-afternoon rehearsal for Easter morning, and it's a long day. And my voice is shot.

Of course, back that up to Friday and Saturday and our trip to Portland for Jake and Shontee's wedding (which was a lot of fun; and it's always good to see C.V., Bruce and Katy, Scottie, and 'the other' Jake). Throw in the head cold I've been fighting for two weeks now, and that becomes a recipe for exhaustion.

But a couple things keep me going:
1) Easter is almost here, and we can crash afterward
2) We're going on vacation in a few more weeks
3) All this stuff is really a lot of fun, and very exciting. The wedding was great, the Stations of the Cross is more than I expected, the music for Easter is going to be exciting, and worship yesterday was wonderful; I even felt pretty good about the sermon. So I've no right to complain. Well, maybe I'm not happy about the head cold part. Other than that, life is good, and great things are happening. Maybe instead of a resurrection, I just need a bit more coffee to make it through.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

That'll be a glad reunion day

We're off to Jake and Shontee's wedding tomorrow; it'll be a Turlock mini-reunion, from what I hear. The Dockters, Jake Bradley, Scottie, Greg. . .looks to be a good time. And we're proud of Jake for finally realizing what's good for him.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Church

From Bill Easum's blog:

However, I have a problem with all the words being battered around today to describe the church like organic, emergent, missional, incarnational, etc because none of them are necessary- the church is either the church or its not. There aren’t shades of gray. The church is always a “sending church” or it isnt the church. The church always lives to transform the world or its not the church.  The church always is a witness to Jesus in Jerusalem, judea, samaria, and the ends of the earth or its not the church.

A church doesn’t have members; it has missionaries. A church doesn’t have an evangelism committee; it is evangelism. The church doesn’t not a missions committee; the church is missions.
Period. All other forms of church are hospices and hospitals. Period.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

And now over to the sports desk

It's with pleasure that I note both of my favorite NCAA basketball teams, Washington and Duke, are in the Sweet Sixteen.

And that my alma mater is representing quite nicely. Both the APU Men's and Women's teams have made it to the NAIA version of the Final Four.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

I know there's nothing worse than parents who blog about 'My kid just said the cutest thing!' But seriously. Sometimes kids can be pretty funny.

Like today, after I picked Olivia up from school. We pulled through the church parking lot. She looked at the steeply-pitched roof of the church and said "we have a triangle church." But then she started to process. "Except at the bottom, where it's more rectangle. Hmmm."

Wait for it. Here it comes.

"I know, we have a tri-rectal church!"

"Um, what?" I asked, trying hard not to shriek.

"We have a tri-rectal church!"

I think that's my new motto for Lakebay. Lakebay Community Church - We're Tri-Rectal!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some mighty fine preachin'

In case you ever need it, here's a site where all my Sunday sermons are archived. You can listen to last Sunday's sermon, or a sermon from three years ago.

There are some musical nuggets in there, as well.

Feel free to pass that along to all your friends and relations.

Friday, March 12, 2010

When being nice has a price

I left early this morning for Puyallup and Abby's graveside service. It was raining. A quick stop by Bill's house to connect his mouse to his computer, and I was on my way.

Traffic was light, so I found myself in South Tacoma with a lot of time to spare. Enough time to stop and get a cup of coffee, trying to warm myself on this cold day.

I pulled into the lot; another car pulled in right beside me. I got out of the Jeep, a smartly-dressed woman climbed out of the SUV beside me. I headed for the door, she headed for the door. We were headed for a collision.

Being a gentleman, I pulled up at the last moment, allowing her to go ahead of me.

All of which was fine, right up until she reached the front of the line. "What's your order?" asked the barista cheerily.

"Well, I have a list," answered the smartly-dressed woman.


Turns out she wasn't just there for herself. She was ordering for all 18 people back at the office. None of whom wanted "coffee." Instead, they all wanted drinks along the lines of "nonfat soy frappalatte with Creme de Menthe flavor and extra whip."

Plus, they'd all written their own orders on her small yellow notepad. And apparently some of them wrote in hieroglyphics, or so I gathered by the barista's attempts to decipher all the orders on that list.

And there I stood, waiting for my simple little Americano.

I don't know. . .seems to me people with lists might be polite enough to say "why don't you go ahead; I've got a list."

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another long one

One more step in saying goodbye to Abbie: this Friday at 11 we're laying her to rest with her mother in Puyallup. Hard to believe it was only 8 months ago we were there to say goodbye to Katy. So there's some funeral prep to take care of.

This coming weekend is also our Alpha weekend away, at Soundview Camp in Longbranch. I'm looking forward to it; it looks like a great group of people going. But it also requires some prep work.

And honestly, the resounding thunder that is Easter is pounding in my ears. Lots to do before that all rolls around.

So today, and most of this week, will be spent hunkered down trying to get all that prep work done. So far, the soundtrack has been the Verdi Requiem, the Mozart Requiem, and a Canadian songstress thrown in between. And we're on track, I think. But here I go, back to work. . .

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Experience the Stations of the Cross this Lent

Lakebay Community Church is excited to be hosting a Stations of the Cross installation this year.

Our curator, Roshni Robert, wrote this by way of explanation:

Lakebay Community Church's Stations of the Cross project will be based on the "Scriptural Way of the Cross" that Pope John Paul II instated in 1991. We have chosen this Way because some of the traditional stations are not actually found in the passion story as it stands in scripture. Several trained and untrained artists from within and a few from outside our congregation will be each representing a respective station however they see fit. There are no limits to medium, size or content, provided the intended station is actually portrayed. Some stations will be interactive, some purely visual, all invoking the viewer to re-contemplate each action leading to the death and resurrection of the Christ. My intention for the project was not necessarily to show off the talent in our community (though that is definitely an added bonus), but more to select individuals whom I believe would convey a new or unique perspective on their chosen station. 

The Stations of the Cross will be on display beginning with an artist's reception that is open to the public at Lakebay Community Church on March 28 at 12:30 in the afternoon. The sanctuary will also be open for viewing following the 28th during Holy Week 9am-1pm Tuesday through Friday and also by appointment.

All are welcome to attend! We are looking forward to sharing some new views on the subject of this contemplative and joyful season.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sure, go ahead and take it

Last Sunday a group of us went out to the property owned by our church, property on which we hope to build someday. We've had a little bit of trouble with people dumping trash up there over the years - vacant land, on the highway, hidden by trees - it's a natural spot for ne'er-do-wells hoping to avoid transfer station fees.

Note to would-be-dumpers: Next time, try not to leave so many personal letters and envelopes. They sort of give you away (hint hint)

This time we discovered something different. About five cedar trees stripped of most of their branches. One was at least a 30-foot tree, with branches stripped at least 25 feet up. Apparently around the holidays there's a market for cedar boughs, for swag and wreaths and such. And apparently somebody decided to destroy our trees and steal our branches to make said swag and Christmas wreaths.

It's a little disgusting, looking up at these trees so marred and desecrated, and knowing somebody could care less that they belonged to somebody else. I only hope that the end result helped make Christmas festive for a family somewhere.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

tuppence for the blind man?

And now we return to our story, the continuing saga of a young(ish) man in search of his eyesight. . .

So the Gig Harbor optometrist didn't work out. You know it's a bad sign in a relationship when they say "Let me check on that and I'll call you back" and three months later, you still haven't heard anything. Especially when they could be making a lot of money off of you.

And did I mention that when the surgeon who performed my transplant got a look at the initial work this GH optometrist did, he said "that lens fits like $#@$!"

The good news is, the original lens-fitter I was working with pre-surgery, one of the top specialists in the nation, hasn't completely retired, and still comes into the office every couple weeks. And he's willing to see me.

The bad news is, to get a correct fit, I have to let the cornea settle back into its natural shape. Which means no contact lens for two weeks. Which means that, starting today, I'm back to being relatively blind in one eye. I survived a year of this, I suppose I can survive another couple weeks. And, honestly, that last lens was getting painful to wear.

Mostly, I just want you to know that if I'm winking at you, it doesn't mean I like you. It's just that I can only see you out of one eye. Plus if my sermon comes across as 'funny' this Sunday, it's probably just that I can't read my notes.

Monday, March 01, 2010

CHIC Music

I just got word from my super-secret sources inside Covenant Central that the CHIC '09 music is finally up on iTunes.