Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In the Silence

Yes, I know. It's been awfully quiet here. No, I haven't given up on this space.

Life was busy. I've taken a few trips to California. The kids had a lot of school stuff that needed attending to.

I was reading a few really good books. I had some trees to chop. And then fishing season opened up over at the local lake.

But really, I just got tired of writing, creating, producing. After writing a sermon each week, and a full-length article every month, and board reports and witty facebook updates and job recommendations and school recommendations and wedding sermons and funeral sermons. . .my brain just got tired. So I took a hiatus from blogging.

I hope that changes.

Last Sunday was my final Sunday at Lakebay for three months, as I've been blessed with a sabbatical over the summer. Three months of not being creative or productive. Three months with very few deadlines. Three months of open space. And I plan to use this place to let people know what's happening, both at the physical level, and at a deeper spiritual level.

For those who don't know, highlights of the sabbatical include:
- backpacking with my seminary friend Mike
- a month in Southern California(which should hopefully include a trip to Knott's Berry Farm, a visit to the new Space Shuttle exhibit in Los Angeles, a hike up Mt. Baldy, and a lot of In-n-Out)
- 5 days in Atlanta for a workshop on Leading Adaptive Change in Congregations (through the Alban Institute)
- backpacking with Chris Hoke and some of the guys he works with at Tierra Nueva, teaching them to live in the woods and how to fly-fish in mountain lakes
- celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary
- experiencing various churches on Sunday mornings
- a personal solitude retreat in the mountains
- extended work with a spiritual director to process all that God is doing in my life at the moment
- digging into some books that have been piled up
- and some other things that are still in the works (like a trip to Montana to fly fish the Yellowstone River, taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge)

I am grateful to Lakebay for giving me the time off, for funding most of it, and for putting in the time and effort to cover things while I'm gone. I'm grateful to the Evangelical Covenant Church for giving me a grant to pay for the Alban workshop. I'm grateful to the Lord who has led me safe thus far, and who, I trust, will meet me at various times and places across the summer.

It all begins this Saturday, June 1, although, since last Sunday was my last in the pulpit, in some ways it's already begun. And yes. . .it feels a little odd. I'm still fighting the nagging feeling that I should be doing something.

Check back in a couple of days and maybe I'll tell you about some of those books I was reading over the last few months.

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