Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Some Random Stuff

That metro-link train crash in LA a couple weeks back? Turns out the engineer was texting railroad hobbyists. Some people put the blame for the accident on the culture of train lovers. Now there's a growing backlash against said hobbyists. I think I better hide my train calender.

On NPR this morning, they announced that Wal-Mart, in order to stave off a slower-than-usual holiday season, is opening its Christmas shops next week. You know that old saw "Christmas all-year-round"? It may be coming true.

Is it too early to throw out my yearly promotion of

If so, maybe you should go read this article about the conditions in the Chinese factories in which most of Wal-mart's Christmas ornaments are produced.

Or at least rent What Would Jesus Buy? and watch it before you go shopping.


Ben Witherington has posted an article by Dr. James Howell on the issue of "Rights vs. Responsibility."

Instead of “rights,” the Bible speaks of “gifts.” There is no “right to life.” Life is a gift, and this may be the compelling reason we do not have any right to destroy life. I do not have “rights” over my own body; God has those “rights.” My body is a gift of God, an instrument to be used in service to God, a temple of God’s Spirit, not a private domain for me to use as I wish. Christians get “responsibility” – which is “response-ability.” God has made us able to respond to God’s gifts. Responsible people do not gripe or whine so much as they get involved, they do something. Citizenship is responsibility, and perhaps the Christians could foster a buoyant hope in America life by simply refusing to play the “rights” card and instead lead the way in taking responsibility for the good stewardship of God’s gifts.

Good reading in today's political climate.

Scot McKnight on why he remains an Evangelical and doesnt become Orthodox or Catholic.

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